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About Oxfera

Oxfera is a consultancy company specialized in technologies for Human Resources Management.

Oxfera is a consultancy company, specialized in technologies for Human Resources Management that combines a high level of specialization and experience in SAP Human Capital Management with a deep understanding of both the functional aspects of the business processes and the technologies that support them. Working with us, customers benefit from our ability to design specific solutions to meet their needs, thanks to our great capacity to innovate and customize services and using our own products, such as Umana.
The Oxfera team is highly trained and specialized and has a broad range of expertise and experience in consultancy and development thanks to an extended portfolio of clients, including multinationals that are leaders in their sector.

Why are we different?

The union of knowledge and experience, combined with our ability to understand the specific needs and deliver the best solutions to our customers makes Oxfera different from other consultancy companies. We deliver solutions by adapting the most widely used standard Human Capital Management applications, such as SAP HCM, or by creating our own developments and solutions based on other technologies.
As a result Oxfera controls a range of innovative methodologies and tools that increase the efficiency of standard technologies, complement their functionality and allow us to integrate them into a single management environment that can be personalized and adapted to the specific needs of each company.


Oxfera has developed its own methodology for implementing SAP HCM, Oxfera PDcentric, which allows us to optimize and tailor standard SAP for each customer, resulting in a significant reduction in development effort and implementation times as well as creating more robust processes.
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On top of this, Oxfera has the ability to build our own solutions from the H2Oxfera platform. In this way we have developed a series of advanced visual applications (RIA) specifically designed to facilitate, streamline and manage human resource management processes in a more usable and transparent way. All of our solutions are built on standard and open technologies, making it possible to integrate them perfectly with SAP and other systems (PHP, JAVA, etc.).

Solutions and own products

Within this line of solutions, products such as Umana, Tracking, Partnet, etc, are currently successful deployed in both large and small companies from a variety of industry sectors.
Oxfera also has a considerable amount of experience in corporate IT development and online services including the implementation of corporate portals, web applications, mobility solutions, etc, with a particular focus in integration with ERPs and management systems, whether they are based on SAP other technologies.


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