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One of the features that makes Oxfera different from other consultancy companies is our ability to provide businesses of any size (large companies and SMEs), a complete line of proprietary products and solutions designed to simplify and streamline the various aspects of business management. The Oxfera products include features such as an advanced web-based display of the organization, the decentralization of business processes, on-line issue resolution, the coordination of logistics and so on. Through the incorporation of new RIA technologies to the Oxfera development platform, H2Oxfera, greater usability, simplified management and more intuitive usage can be achieved for the end user.
Within this line of products, sold as integrated solutions, Oxfera promotes products such as Umana, an innovative tool for displaying the organizational structure. This product has already been implemented with great success in numerous clients. Another of our products is Oxfera Tracker; a tool for incident management. Furthermore, we offer a supplier extranet , Oxfera Partnet SRM (invoice information system, sales volumes, order management, payment letters, certificates, etc.., and integrated with the management system itself) and finally there are multiple tools that have been developed on standard technologies that facilitate web management for Human Resources processes, management and planning of work schedules (web development quadrants, with the ability to export to Excel or PDF), and logistical solutions.
All of our solutions are based on standard programs and technologies. This makes the integration with ERP and management systems, both SAP and others, easier.

Our identity

All of this enables us to offer, though our applications, a number of unique features.
  • Advanced Display

    We develop advanced visualization tools for organizational structures and resource management, both of which are highly customizable and adaptable to the needs of each corporation.
  • Integration with SAP

    Oxfera has a technical team that is highly experiencedin SAP HCM implementation projects and other SAP modules, allowing us to ensure the correct integration of our solutions with SAP and the main ERPs available in the market.
  • Flexibility to change and to adjust

    Oxfera developed applications are based on our own technological platform, H2Oxfera. This makes of them more flexible and easier to configure and adjust to changes in the company workflow.
  • Competitive costs

    The broad knowledge and wide experience of our team allows us to reduce development requirements as well as implementation times, resulting in a significant reduction of project costs.
The application of advanced technologies and our constant drive for innovation results in:
  • Continuous improvement of our services and an ability to offer our customers higher quality solutions.

  • Great experience and knowledge of the enhancement of business processes of our customers.

  • The implementation of products and solutions that add value to the market.


In Oxfera we monitor the latest technological trends and incorporate them into our products and solutions:
  • RIA Technologies

    We are specialized in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). One of our key product differentiators is a very advanced visualization feature and high usability.
  • Cloud computing

    We provide business tools and services hosted in the cloud that meet the needs of the most modern companies in an efficient and flexible way, resulting in quicker workflow changes.
  • Web 2.0 and social networking

    Our solutions and tools easily integrate with the latest web 2.0 technology and corporate social networks, creating unique and customized work environments.
  • Mobility

    We also develop specific applications for major mobile devices, (iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry), providing management with greater flexibility better access to data that is being continuously updated.

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