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The importance of standard software

The methodology Pdcentric, developed by Oxfera, represents a very innovative approach to deal with the implementation of SAP HCM business processes. It is a methodology for the optimization of the standard SAP system to create creative and easy-to-adapt solutions, but maintains, at all times, the reliability and robustness of the SAP system itself.
This working methodology allows us to split up the business processes into manageable elements through the standard application, making the most of all the open possibilities of the new versions of the standard SAP. In this way it is possible to minimize the development and to strengthen the process with the typical robustness of the SAP technology. The evolution of the SAP technology has extended the strength of modules such as SAP Personnel Development, the flexibility to design workflows and the simplicity in the process implementation, to the whole standard system. This has allowed us to further streamline the Pdcentric methodology to get the most out of the latest updates of the SAP system.

General Principles of a PDcentric project

The integration of our implementations within the standard makes it possible to use the SAP data model, which represents a significant reduction of development requirements and a sharp increase in the robustness of the processes.
In projects based on the PDcentric methodology, standard SAP tools are used to:
  • Access information
  • Maintain information in a coherent way
  • Evaluate structures
  • Administer authorizations
  • Date and develop historical data
  • Create a unified management environment
Although the business process may vary, the information exchange structure with other components is always the same, which provides greater consistency and reliability of operations.
In addition, possible developments are integrated into the standard SAP through customizing tables and in-house developments. Therefore, only on very rare occasions it is necessary to modify the standard code.

A way of working with lots of advantages

Using the PDcentric methodology in our projects adds numerous advantages:
  • Allows the establishment of a flexible employee management model with an optimization of tools and standard code.
  • As all the processes are modeled in the same way, the performance of the application is much more consistent, making evolution and adjustments for changes easier.
  • The user always interacts with the same interface, regardless of the process that is being managed, which considerablysimplifies management and facilitates training.
  • The graphical interfaces allow a much more user friendly and understandable insight into the process.
  • The exchange of information with external tools (upload of objectives, web interface, Outlook, etc.) is done using standard tools, allowing the reuse of the integration processes and reducing development.

Previous Experiences with the PDcentric methodology

Grupo Cosentino

  • Competence Assessment Process based on conduct.
  • Management by objectives Process.
  • Process for the detection of training needs.
  • Management Process Subcontractors.
  • Process for the management of visitors.

Banca March

  • Process for Personnel Selection and recruitment integrated with the Personnel Administration.


  • Management by objectives Process.
  • Management by Competences Process.

Red Eléctrica de España

  • Development and Competence Evaluation by Objects Process.
  • Management by objectives Process.
  • Process for the assignment of wage types depending on the work center / function, etc.
  • Process for training needs.
  • Remuneration Management Process.

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