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The development of applications for human resource processes is one of the main lines of our business. Umana is a tool created to visualize the organization and it represents the leading component of our effort. Installed in a growing number of Oxfera customers, it is a very reliable product.
Umana is an agile explorer that is used to dig through corporate structures. It is a RIA (Rich Internet Application) that has been developed by Oxfera and it serves as a tool for visual management of the organization. Umana makes it possible to represent organization structures and business processes in a simpler and more intuitive way. In this way, Umana facilitates and dynamizes the tasks of monitoring and analysis, as well as "umanizing" access to data through a friendlier interface that is optimized from a usability perspective and integrated into a unified management environment. Its display options are completely customizable and can be adapted to specific customer needs and/or features of each type of structure or process elements.
Umana places all information at the client's disposal, in an orderly and transparent manner, . The data displayed and administration permissions may be customized at any point in time and a quick and easy view of the organizational elements may be run, which is fully integrated in the ERP.
Oxfera Umana


The information for each individual element can be obtained from various corporate sources and systems including relational databases, LDAP repositories, spreadsheets or other systems such as BW. This makes it possible to create visual models of all important aspects of the workflow or functional architecture of the corporation. Umana can therefore provide a clearer and more complete picture of the company’s key operational milestones facilitating the tracking of processes and the optimization of organizational elements.

Display modes available include classical views (organization, directory, detailed information sheet for each item, etc..) and other advanced navigation features, location and selection of organizational elements and the generation of graphics. Through the different views one can go through the different organizational aspects of the business, from the more general (as contained in the hierarchical organization chart or the chart view to facilitate global analysis of the data set) to more specific details (as reflected in a view as the directory that allows one to perform an individualized study of the organizational elements).
All information on charts, lists and other consultations can be subsequently exported as PDF, XLS or DOC files.
Umana can be installed as a standalone web application or integrated into the company's intranet or enterprise portal as a part of the corporate management environment . Additionally it can be adapted to the Look & Feel of the company and is available in Spanish and English.


  • Intuitive, easy and visually advanced
  • Swift transfer of information through XML standards
  • Independent of the operating system (Windows Linux., etc.).
  • The visual layer information can be read in XML files or database
  • Programmable data extraction
  • Information extraction synchronously or asynchronously
  • Encryption of information for security reasons

Other add-ons

SSO module

The Oxfera SSO module (Single Sign-On) enables the user to access the system through a single credential entry that can then be used to access other applications. Thus, the user accessing the corporate intranet does not need to re-enter his/her credentials to access Umana and vice versa.

Employee photos in SAP

During the installation of Umana, repository and data extraction processes are customized in order to be able to extract photos from SAP and view them in Umana.

Mobility Options

Umana also has specific applications for major mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

This allows quick and easy access to the directory that is being managed by Umana from anywhere. This information is constantly updated from the company’s ERP, meaning that user contact lists and favorites are kept synchronized at all times.

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