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Supplier Relationship Manager

Oxfera Partnet (Supplier Relationship Management) is a supplier extranet service specifically designed to make the relationship between the company and its suppliers more dynamic.

It is a software based on RIA technology (Rich Internet Application), that allows access at any time, via the web, through a visually rich and user-friendly optimized interface. It can be customized to client's needs, displaying all relevant supplier information hence encouraging entrepreneurship.

Oxfera Partnet is perfectly integrated with the various functional modules of SAP ERP, and can also be integrated with other management systems through the H2Oxfera technology platform, based on standard technologies.

Through Oxfera Partnet the status of invoices can be checked in real time, payment letters can be printed and issues may be resolved in a quick and effective way.

Oxfera Partnet can significantly reduce the time taken to send communications and invoices, the number of calls between companies and suppliers, as well as printing and postage costs. In addition it reduces the need for storage space for physical invoices, improving security and accessibility to filed documentation that can be stored in the system as a legally valid electronic alternative to traditional paper invoice.

What are the advantages of Oxfera Partnet?

  • Partnet Oxfera allows access at any time, via the web, to all information concerning all suppliers.
  • Speeds up management. Simplifies the handling of all procedures, queries and searches for information.
  • Reduces management and dispatch of invoices.
  • Provides continuously updated information concerning invoices: status of invoices (open, paid or compensated invoices), due dates for payment, details of payments made by bank transfer, etc.
  • Simplifies the preservation of historic data and access to archived documents for each account.
  • Provides greater security throughout the process of handling and custody.
  • Saves on material: paper, stamps, ink, envelopes and costs of sending physical invoices, etc.

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